Paizuri Cheerleader vs. Sakunyuu Ouendan! Episode 1
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Paizuri Cheerleader vs. Sakunyuu Ouendan! Episode 1


Synopsis: Based on the erotic game by Marine.
Shin belongs to a cheer group. Though he wasn’t interested in it, Yuko, his older sister, forced him to join it… As a matter of fact, there are only two members, Shin and Yuko. On the other hand, a cheerleading club has a lot of members. One day, Shin accidentally collides with Chieru, a member of the cheerleading club, and she gets injured… In compensation for her injury, he decides to work as a caretaker of the cheerleading club. But days later, Satsuki, a coach of the cheerleading club, suddenly orders the members, “You should give him a titjob to overcome your sense of shame!” As they are all confused, Satsuki starts giving Shin a titjob…
Alternate Names: ぱいずりチアリーダーVS搾乳応援団!
Aired: Jul 18, 2014
Producers: T-Rex
Source: VN